Math Stuff

A place to document some of the mathematical projects I've worked on (including the 3-d fractals, the new fractal classes, the spherical close-packed cellular automata, etc.)

The Recursive Flower of Life

Tue 31 October 2017

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometric figure consisting of overlapping circles which has been used in art and decoration since at least the 6th century BCE. I've been playing around a bit with it and have produced some interesting figures.

Printing Three Dimensional Fractals

Thu 18 August 2016

Using a 3-D printer to really make 3-D fractals.

Some New Classes of Three Dimensional Fractals

Wed 17 August 2016

Explorations of new fractals by tweaks and modifications to complex exponentiation. Fun stuff!

Cellular Automata with Spherical Close-packing Geometry

Mon 15 August 2016

The name says it all. Unfortunately this is but a place holder, as I actually haven't written any documentation about it yet.

But there's a teaser:

An Image

Click to Enlarge

Polyhedral L-Systems

Mon 15 August 2016

Using L-Systems to generate idiosyncratic polyhedra. Again, this is just a place-holder to remind myself to get to it....