Over:unitY // Dance Music for the Multiverse!

Sat 05 August 2017

Announcing: Over:unitY

As discussed in A New Musical Scale. I have been working on a collection of compositions employing the (what I believe to be) unique justly intoned scale:

\begin{equation*} \left [ 1, \quad \frac{9}{8}, \quad \frac{5}{4}, \quad \frac{21}{16}, \quad \frac{3}{2}, \quad \frac{7}{4}, \quad \frac{15}{8}, \quad 2\right ] \end{equation*}

Perhaps I'm too close to the project to be objective, but I'm pleased with the results.

An Image

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The album consists of seven tracks of instrumental music with a rhythmic content. Most of the compositions employ the full heptatonic scale, although a few of them employ hexatonic and pentatonic derivatives.

The Buzz

Just so that you understand the full import of this release, here's the tastefully overblown marketing blurb:

Over:unitY is the new album by composer, theorist, and artist Mark Conway Wirt. Using classical sacred Greek mathematics to create unique, new scales and tunings, this is music like you've never heard it before. At times sparse, at times lush -- but always engaging -- the music will seep into you like the early morning mist rising from the Appalachian foothills from which the artist hails. The compositions on this release represent the culmination of years of exploration of the ways that sound can be harmonized and combined, investigating and transcending the unexamined sonic assumptions that have saddled Western popular music since the Renaissance.

Over:unitY is dance music for the multiverse!

Engineered and mastered by the artist at Octopus God World Headquarters, all music and artwork are released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution International 4.0 License (CC BY-NC 4.0) for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

The Music Proper

High quality MP3s and FLAC files can be downloaded from my music site. If you would like to stream the music, I've posted the album to SoundCloud for your enjoyment.


The music is being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which will allow you to distribute it freely and use it in your own non-commercial projects, provided that attribution is maintained. If you want to use the music in a commercial project, you'll need to speak with me.