PyTuning 0.7.3 Released

Sun 03 September 2023

PyTuning, a library I wrote for the mathematical exploration of music and sound, has recived a small update.

At the heart of PyTuning is SymPy, an open-source Computer Algebra System (CAS). It's a great library, and it's a natural choice for musical analysis. As is pretty obvious from the essay on musical scales, I'm a fan of Justly intoned intervals and tunings, where frequency ratios are expressed in terms of integers. SynPy has great support for mathematical orthographies, and so pairing PyTuning with the wonderful QT Console results in a powerful and pleasant environment for musical analysis.

There is no new functionality in this release. It is an update to stay compatible with SymPy


The library may be installed via Pypi:

pip install pytuning
# or
pip install pytuning==0.7.3

Documentation is available at Read the Docs.